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JWOC creates yearly SMART goals in order to enable our staff and students to provide progressive, impactful social change for our local community. Take a look at a few of the goals for 2017!

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JWOC’s Mission Statement

To empower low-income Cambodians to lead their communities by providing educational and personal development opportunities, inspiring a mindset of co-responsibility and social service.

JWOC is a US 501(c) 3 (Tax ID #47-0953817) and Cambodian registered non-profit organization that operates in Cambodia to improve training and education opportunities for communities within the Siem Reap province.

JWOC’s Philosophy

A Cambodian society with empowered individuals, families and communities who value education and act with a strong sense of social responsibility.

Based on the principle of ‘Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow’, our focus is education, including opportunities at local universities, JWOC’s Community Center and in the villages surrounding Siem Reap, Cambodia. Over the years, we have learned that focusing on education is where we can make the greatest difference in helping those struggling to better their future and become leaders in their community.

JWOC follows a strict Child Protection Policy through all of it programs and operations, click here to read it.

Click here to read our most recent Annual Report.

By working at the local level and focusing on education and training, JWOC works with and supports the local community to inspire long term positive social change.

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