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Journeys Within Tour Company Southeast Asia  

Journeys Within Tour Company (JWTC)

From JWOC’s inception in 2005, Journeys Within Tour Company and JWOC have maintained a very close relationship. JWTC and JWOC’s founders Andrea and Brandon Ross worked and lived in Cambodia for many years, bringing guests to Siem Reap to not only show them the wonders of Angkor Wat, but also to make them aware of the social and economic issues that JWOC has been tackling in our community. To this day our special relationship continues, as JWOC and JWTC work together to raise awareness and understanding of JWOC’s work.

Collette Cares for our employees, for our community, for the world  

Collette Cares

JWOC and Collette Cares have worked together since 2008 to bring about positive social change within Siem Reap and the surrounding province. Their generous giving and enthusiasm for JWOC’s programs has allowed us to expand and deepen our connections with the local community, providing strength and depth to initiatives such as our Home Gardens project and the development of JWOC’s Community Center.

Rotary International  

Rotary Club of Sacramento

JWOC has worked hand in hand with the Rotary Club of Sacramento to support our work in improving the quality and efficiency of our initiatives. Between 2011 and 2012, their support was instrumental in allowing thousands throughout Siem Reap to access Clean Water and improve their hygiene standards, whilst more recently their support has provided the Free Classes program with technology and teaching materials to enhance learning interaction.


SHARE Institute

JWOC and the SHARE Institute have worked closely since 2005 to help local women within our community. Supporting the former Microfinance Program and now Free Classes Program, they have facilitated entrepreneurial and learning opportunities to empower women to take control of their finances and futures.



JWOC and Team4Tech have come together to collaborate both in 2014 and 2016, with Team4Tech bringing along volunteers from VMware and Box Storage to help improve the access to and quality of technology in JWOC. This collaboration has allowed JWOC to become leaders in teaching and technology, giving beneficiaries the opportunity to develop their Design Thinking, 21st Century skills and overall employability.

Perkin Elmer  


Working closely with our Clean Water initiatives since 2011, PerkinElmer has ensured thousands of villagers throughout Siem Reap province now have access to safe, clean water. Such collaboration ensured families now have close access to wells, basic hygiene knowledge and a filter for their water.

Eco Soap Bank  

Eco Soap Bank

The Eco Soap bank provides and supports JWOC’s Hygiene initiatives with the provision of recycled soap from hotels and businesses in Siem Reap. Working together, JWOC and the Eco Soap Bank have ensured that children and adults maintain Hygiene standards in a sustainable manner.


Greater Good

GreaterGood has supported and communicated JWOC’s mission and programs to the world since 2009, raising money and awareness of our cause simultaneously. Their support has allowed JWOC to maintain programs from day to day and ensure those in our community get the necessary support and education.

La Residence Blank D’Angkor  

La Residence Blanc d’Angkor

JWOC has a close working relationship with La Residence. Only 200m in distance from JWOC’s Community Center, La Residence offers it’s guests the chance to experience JWOC’s work within the community and witness first hand the educational and economic opportunities provided to those who need it the most. Not only this, La Residence Blanc D’Angkor also provides training and employment opportunities to JWOC’s Scholarship students, giving them the skills and competencies to succeed in the working world.

Other Partners

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By working at the local level and focusing on education and training, JWOC works with and supports the local community to inspire long term positive social change.

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