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JWOC creates yearly SMART goals in order to enable our staff and students to provide progressive, impactful social change for our local community. Take a look at a few of the goals for 2017!


Sponsor student Cambodia

Scholarship Program

The ability to attend university and achieve a higher education is well beyond the reach of many students in Cambodia even if they are able to graduate from high school. Through donor sponsorships, JWOC gives university scholarships to deserving Cambodian students. The JWOC scholarship students are the driving force behind everything we do. In return for receiving a scholarship, each student volunteers 6 and 8 hours per week on a JWOC project.

Volunteer in Siem Reap

Free Classes

Although primary enrollment is improving rapidly within Cambodia, the state school system is tarnished by poor facilities, under-educated and under-paid teachers. Because of this, many who can afford extra tuition will pay for private education, leaving those who can’t afford this left behind. JWOC utilizes its Community Centre in Siem Reap to provide Free Classes to approximately 850 children, youth and adults per term, ranging in age from 5 to 30 years of age.

Charity Siem Reap

Community Support

Basic standards of living in rural areas of Cambodia are often not as high as those in the city, villagers often do not have access to information about basic lifeskills and career options. JWOC provides Liaison services and training to children and adults in topics such as Hygiene, Nutrition, Financial Literacy, Good Parenting and Maternal Health.

JWOC prides itself on allocating money where it belongs and keeping administrative expenses to a minimum. By utilizing community resources, we ensure a maximum amount of funding goes directly to project expenses.

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