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Rural Cambodia

While Cambodia’s bigger cities flourish, many villages remain cut off from the progress, providing one of the most important challenges to society and growth in Cambodia. Although many organisations offer their assistance in the rural villages that surround Siem Reap in providing infrastructure such as roads, schools, wells and other important resources; education and training in basic life skills is lacking.

What JWOC is Doing

Our Community Support program provides a central point in our community for individuals and families to access information and advice on jobs and educational opportunities as well as a platform providing referrals for individuals that have specific issues where other organisations can assist.

Through the Community Support team (made up of our program manager, specialists and scholarship students), JWOC delivers essential mobile education and training that helps improve standards of living. We work with village chiefs and villagers to actively involve them in assessing their needs and in customizing training content. All village presentations are designed to ensure that villagers who are not able to read or write can understand and apply the content. Also, when emergencies occur, the Community Support team provides emergency relief to impacted communities.


Trainings Include:

Hygiene in Siem Reap


Children and adults learn about the importance of maintaining proper hygiene standards. Participants are taught hand washing and tooth brushing techniques, before being supplied with the materials to enable these changes. One Training Donation: $200

Nutrition Siem Reap


Children learn about the importance of nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to ensure good health. Through interactive games and play participants learn about different types of food and their nutritional advantages and disadvantages; as well as how they can affect our health in the short and long term. One Training Donation: $200

Environmental Awareness Siem Reap


Through our environmental training, participants learn about the environment around them and the importance of caring and sustaining it for themselves and future generations. The training focuses on the impact of plastic in village environments, including how it impacts agriculture, health and ecosystems and how proper waste disposal and recycling are beneficial for all. One Training Donation: $200

Maternal Health in Siem reap

Maternal Health

Training is given to rural women on topics such as family planning, pregnancy and mother & infant health. The training aims to increase awareness around reproductive health, contraception, family planning, mother’s health during and after pregnancy and delivery. A trained midwife attends all sessions to provide professional advice to participants. One Training Donation: $300

Parenting Cambodia

Positive Parenting

The parents of JWOC students (and others) are given the opportunity to learn about new techniques and best practices to improve family relations. Topics include encouraging children, giving positive advice, getting involved in their learning and understanding the child development stages that their children undergo. One Training Donation: $400

Employment in Siem Reap

Financial Literacy

Participants receive training on personal finance, which will ultimately lead to better economic and educational opportunities. Topics include understanding and prioritizing needs and wants, the importance of budgeting/planning and creating and monitoring tracking systems for family finances. One Training Donation: $350


How you can help

Invest in Education! Sponsor a JWOC Village! Standards of living Siem Reap
Provide all of JWOC’s essential life skill training to a rural Siem Reap village and to help current and future generations out of poverty:
  • Children fulfill their educational potential and prosper
  • Families have a more secure economic future

In return, donors receive impact reports and communicate with our program manager to understand in depth the village you’re sponsoring, how JWOC works within the village and to see how your support is ultimately helping lift villagers out of poverty.

Ensure a whole village receives all JWOC trainings over the course of a year: 1 Year — $1300
The Right Start Trainer Primary education Cambodia
Children are the future! Their education and growth is crucial to theirs and their families livelihoods. Ensure they reach their potential by sponsoring JWOC’s youth training:
  • Hygiene (Hand Washing & Oral Hygiene)
  • Nutrition
  • Environment
  • Maternal Health

In return, receive reports and communicate with our program manager to understand in depth the village you’re sponsoring, how JWOC works within the village and see how your generosity is giving children the best possible start to theirs and their family’s future.

Ensure all children within a village receive the best possible start in life:
1 Year — $700
JWOC Family Trainer Standards of living Siem Reap
Stable families make strong communities, ensure families have the right skills to support themselves and in doing so, help break the cycle of poverty:
  • Nutrition
  • Positive Parenting
  • Financial Literacy

In return, receive reports and communicate with our program manager to understand in depth the village you’re sponsoring, how JWOC works within the village and see how your generosity is strengthening the community and helping lift families out of poverty.

Ensure all families within a village are healthy, supportive and prosperous:
1 Year — $700

JWOC prides itself on allocating money where it belongs and keeping administrative expenses to a minimum. By utilizing community resources, we ensure a maximum amount of funding goes directly to project expenses.

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