Past Programs and Projects

Over the years JWOC has worked closely with and formed deep connections with those in the Siem Reap community, adapting our programs with changing needs and allowing us to make the greatest difference in helping those struggling to better their future. Here you can read about some of our prior programs and initiatives that we’ve undertaken with our community.

Clean Water Siem Reap

Clean Water Program

The Clean Water program was JWOC’s first and founding project in 2006. For 10 years we worked with villages to identify and work with the community to make sure that every person and every household had access to plentiful supplies of clean, safe water. Through this, we installed over 250 and repaired 830 wells, distributed 3638 water filters and 13,580 hygiene packs. The communities played their part by attending seminars and helping JWOC gather information about the situation of health and water in the village as well as working with JWOC to provide updates. Many organizations working within Siem Reap province continue to focus on providing wells to local communities; however, JWOC’s focus has now shifted to making these changes in infrastructure socio-economically and environmentally sustainable through education (through our Community Support program).

Microfinance Siem Reap

Microfinance Program

Between 2006 and 2016, JWOC responded to the needs of the local community by providing business loans to local entrepreneurs and community needs. Most of the businesses/families served were living at or below the poverty line, and without collateral or any access to money other than from money-lenders with very high interest rates, JWOC provided an alternative. Families had access to fair-interest loans (with relevant business training/support) that gave them the opportunity to grow their businesses while still being able to afford their daily necessities.

Home Gardens Cambodia

Community Support Projects

Beginning in 2007, JWOC has been working with small communities in urban Siem Reap (as well as others around South-East Asia) and with villages in the surrounding province to improve standards of living and access to education/training. Working at a local level with individuals, we have and still work with the poorest to make sure they have access to the same opportunities as others. Over the years, this has involved assisting in disaster response, bringing villages together to complete small projects, our Home Garden initiative and more recently our Mobile Education program. In addition to this, JWOC has always been a central point for Liaison activities, collecting and sharing information on employment, training and social service opportunities in Siem Reap for those who need it in our community.

Sewing Training Cambodia

Sewing Training Project

Starting in 2009, our Sewing training project provided students and graduates with the skills and resources to generate and supplement their family income. Our Basic Sewing offered a 16 week course for individuals with little or no sewing skills to learn a trade making them capable of finding employment. A further course offered advanced skills, ‘Sewing for Livelihoods’ was available for those who wished to extend their skills even further. Throughout these courses JWOC provided students ongoing support and a graduate seamstresses to make quality products for the local and tourist markets, expanding their income generating opportunities. In addition, both courses offered introduction to English for sewing where students were taught English relevant to the Sewing industry. The program ended in 2015, however JWOC still serves to help individuals find employment through our Liaison services.

JWOC prides itself on allocating money where it belongs and keeping administrative expenses to a minimum. By utilizing community resources, we ensure a maximum amount of funding goes directly to project expenses.

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