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The financial means to attend university and achieve a higher education is well beyond the reach of many students in Cambodia. Some try to study using family savings or borrowing from relatives for their first year, but many of these students struggle to make enough money for food, housing and living expenses and they eventually are forced to leave as the costs become too great. In Cambodia the average annual family income is $1200, and with tuition fees for one year of university costing $650, the reality faced by most students is that university is beyond their financial reach.

What JWOC is doing

Donors enable JWOC to grant university scholarships to deserving Cambodians in Siem Reap, covering the full cost of tuition as well as textbooks. Scholarship students are chosen based on a demonstrated desire to gain a higher education, their willingness to help their community, their past academic performance and current financial need.

In the past 10 years 142 students have graduated from JWOC’s Scholarship program. These students have gone on to do amazing things, creating what we call the JWOC ‘ripple’ effect. JWOC admits between 15 and 20 students per year into the Scholarship program. These students generally come from rural Cambodian villages, work full time to support themselves and their families, and attend university full time and volunteer between 6-8 hours weekly at JWOC.

By sponsoring a student not only are you supporting their education but you are also helping all of JWOC’s programs, while having the opportunity to learn more about life in Cambodia through correspondence with the student you sponsor.  

How you can help

University in Cambodia

JWOC Scholar

Send a Cambodian student to university and provide a cultural exchange by emailing your student monthly as well as paying for their tuition fees and books. We ask that donors commit to the student for the four years it will take them to get through university; payments can be made each year as the student moves forward.

1 Year — $700
4 Years — $2800
Sponsor student Cambodia

JWOC Above and Beyond

This complete scholarship package not only focuses on the professional development and volunteering skills of your student but enables the programs that JWOC operates to flourish. Help support the program that your student volunteers on and help the development of both your student and the broader community.

1 Year — $1100
4 Years — $4400

We encourage all scholarship sponsors to support their student for the full duration of their course. If you have any questions about the Program, read through our FAQs page or contact us for more information.

JWOC prides itself on allocating money where it belongs and keeping administrative expenses to a minimum. By utilizing community resources, we ensure a maximum amount of funding goes directly to project expenses.

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