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Sponsor student Cambodia

JWOC Scholar

Send a Cambodian student to university and provide a cultural exchange by emailing your student monthly as well as paying for their tuition fees and books. We ask that donors commit to the student for the four years it will take them to get through university; payments can be made each year as the student moves forward.

1 Year -$700
4 Years -$2800
 Sponsor student Cambodia

 JWOC Professional Scholar

At JWOC we pride our Scholarship Program on developing our scholarship students to become well-rounded individuals. We regularly provide professional development workshops on a wide range of topics from critical thinking to presentation skills to budget training. In addition to covering the student’s university fees, books, health insurance and community facilitation, this package covers the professional development of your student.

1 Year-$950
4 Years-$3800
 Sponsor student Cambodia

JWOC Above and Beyond!

This complete scholarship package not only focuses on the professional development and community facilitation skills of your student but enables the programs that JWOC operates to flourish. Help support the program that your student contributes towards and help the development of both your student and the broader community.

1 Year-$1100
4 Years-$4400
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JWOC develops projects in Southeast Asia that reduce poverty levels, increase educational and economic opportunities, and empower recipients and supporters, inspiring ongoing social change.

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