Hold a Fundraiser

There are many ways you can support JWOC beyond simply making a donation yourself. Planning and conducting your very own fundraiser for JWOC is one of the best ways you can help us meet needs here in Southeast Asia. This is a great way for you and your friends to not only learn about the challenges faced by communities throughout this part of the world but also play a significant role in helping others overcome these challenges.

You can do something as simple as having a "JWOC Project Party" with friends and family, or for those of you seeking more of a challenge you could run that marathon you have always thought about running and raise money for JWOC as you train. By having your own fundraiser you bring a crucial awareness to the problems of poverty, disease, and lack of education in the developing world.

Crowdrise is a great tool to help you fundraise. It allows you to track your donations, post updates and photos and set targets. Look here to find out more about how you can use it to raise money for JWOC.  

JWOC consistently evaluates its projects to ensure that they are maintaining a high standard and meeting the needs of the local communities. You can help by donating today, joining the JWOC family, fundraising, or volunteering.

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